Build healthy lawns, sod, greens, tees and fairways with nano carbon technology. With CarbonGrow, your grass is a hole in one! 


CarbonGrow Turf formula can be used on sod, golf courses, home and commercial lawns. Turf Pros and landscape professionals love using CarbonGrow because grass becomes thick and vigorous, and is able to handle more traffic while maintaining its beauty. 

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CarbonGrow - Turf Formula03


With CarbonGrow’s turf formula, you can expect to see clean white root growth, a great sign of premium translocation benefits and a vigorous biological atmosphere.

With the help of CarbonGrow, Roots become rich with natural sugars and energy, helping them outgrow high nematode counts (over 400). The natural effect of our Turf Formula is healthier, deeper roots enhancing natural defenses and immunity. 

Restore Root Health with Carbon to Carbohydrate Conversion Technology

When we met the superintendent of this golf course, he told us his nematode counts were in the 400s. We explained that CarbonGrow has nano-sized carbon colloids that will help transport more nematocides into the rhizomes where most damage occurs from lance and sting nematodes. Six applications later, we revisited the golf course. The superintendent took us to the damaged green and proudly pulled a plug sample. We were very impressed with the results (right).

CarbonGrow - Turf Formula04
Golf course before – vs – after 6 sprays of carbongrow


Our consultants can help you diagnose and restore the health and visual appeal of golf course fairways and greens and while landscaper and sod farm love CarbonGrow’s Turf Formula for it’s ability to create healthier, greener lawns.