Ornamental Formula

SUPERCHARGE your ornamentals with CarbonGrow. CarbonGrow’s Ornamental Formula is a 100% bio-based formula that increases nutrient uptake and efficiency to promote vigorous growth and prolific flowering on your ornamentals.

Benefit of using CG on ornamental plants

Most ornamental foliar spray programs include micronutrients and insecticides. By adding CarbonGrow to these applications, growers maintain robust ornamentals with vigorous flowering and reproduction benefits. These benefits enhance I.P.M. programs and increase plant production and metabolism. With the use of CarbonGrow Ornamental Formula, ornamental plants become much stronger with the need for consistent maintenance reduced by up to 30%. Nothing makes a business or a home look more beautiful than super healthy ornamental plants and shrubbery!

CarbonGrow - Ornamental Formula01
CarbonGrow - Ornamental Formula02

Blend with other inputs

CarbonGrow blends beautifully with selected herbicides, miticides, fungicides, chelated micronutrients, iron applications, and NPK. When adding CarbonGrow’s Ornamental Formula, products work much more efficiently as a result of CarbonGrow’s ability to mobilize in the water holding tank, and then in the plant. Herbicides like Fusilade work beautifully at controlling grassy weeds in ornamental landscapes while reducing herbicide drag on the primary plants.

Bring your plants back to life with Nano Carbon Technology.

If you have plants that are currently struggling, you’re in luck. CarbonGrow’s nano carbon cell wall-building ingredients trigger the release of vital sugars and amino acids that enable ornamentals to quickly repair themselves and begin reproduction again.