With over 20 years using CarbonGrow on crops in all regions and climates, we are confident that our carbon technology will be the SUPERCHARGE your plants need. 

CarbonGrow can be used alone, or it can be added to your current spray program.

Nano carbon technology allows for an incredible opportunity to grow healthier plants. CarbonGrow eases the flow of natural sugars and nutrients through the plant’s phloem and xylem, promoting deep, strong root growth. This means larger, healthier plants with increased Brix levels.

A main advantage of CarbonGrow is intensified absorption and translocation of foliar-applied nutrients. The delivery and metabolism of trace elements and NPK is much higher due to increased T.D.S. and reduced water tension.

(See the below graph for proof)

CarbonGrow - Fruit & Vegetable Formula03

CarbonGrow Delivers
Many tissues and sap tests over the years show CarbonGrow more effective than ordinary surfactants at delivering nutrients or crop protection products into plant circulation systems. The test results above compare CarbonGrow with two well established ag surfactants. The biggest gain over the other surfactants came with elements having the highest concentration in the nutrient blend. Samples taken 48 hours after application.

Trace element content of crop leaves 48 hours after foliar spraying with the same trace mix, but carried by three different surfactants

Unlike traditional surfactants that stop at the leaf, CarbonGrow is systemic and is used by the plant in the form of nano carbon to carbohydrate conversion technology.


Enhance Brix Levels

With help from CarbonGrow, it’s possible to harvest:

Since CarbonGrow is derived entirely from botanically based sugars, fats,
oils and alcohols, it’s safe to apply on all edible fruit and vegetables.

Citrus and Tree Formula


When you see your trees mature faster, grow healthy green leaves and sweeter fruit, you’ll never want to grow without it again!


An exceptional choice for all of your farming and agricultural needs, CarbonGrow Citrus and Tree Formula is designed to carry more nutrition or herbicides into the plant or crop, resulting in higher crop yields with less waste.

Unlike most Agriculture surfactants, CarbonGrow is also a plant cleanser. CarbonGrow Citrus and Tree formula temporarily softens and lifts the leaf cuticle — even the thick waxy barrier on citrus allowing foliar-applied nutrients to absorb quickly into crop metabolism.

Citrus and Tree Formula

CarbonGrow does 4 major things:

Reduces surface tension of spray tank mixes and negatively charged nano carbon molecules bond with elements and hitch a ride into the leaf.

Reduced surface tension of moisture in the phloem and xylem enable plants to move molecules much easier for increased metabolism.

Cleans leaves and vascular system of plants at cellular level and maintains ease of nutrient flow as part of a regular spray program.

Increase photosynthetic capability of leaves and uptake of root systems. 

CarbonGrow - Citrus & Tree Formula03

CarbonGrow can be used alone for clean, strong growth with increased brix levels, or as a nanoparticle-sized carrier for foliar-applied trace elements, herbicides and antibiotics.

With CarbonGrow added to your spray, nutrients flow more quickly from leaves to growing points like roots and fruit. We have years of field data demonstrating this. 

“We have seen that only two sprays with FireWall and FireLine from AgriSource appeared to be very effective against canker when mobilized with CarbonGrow.”

CarbonGrow - Citrus & Tree Formula05

Source: HortScience 53(6):829-837

CarbonGrow’s atom sized carbon fragments are small enough to deliver nutrients through xylem tubules, even in HLB infected trees with starch and bacteria buildup.




Florida Sugarcane with narrow leaves: It builds sugar slowly and is vulnerable to fungal diseases.


Florida sugarcane with wide leaves: It builds abundant sugar quickly.

One product made the huge difference in sugar content – and profits – of these side-by-side sugarcane fields!

It’s called CarbonGrow.

Harvesting high-sugar cane is about building sugar in the leaf with photosynthesis – and translocating it quickly into the cane, where sugar is stored until harvest. If sugar translocation is slow, it restricts the rate of photosynthesis.

The nan-sized liquid micelles of CarbonGrow dramatically reduce the surface tension (sticki-ness) of sugar solutions in the plant’s circulation system. The easy-flowing juices translocate quickly from leaves t cane, freeing chlorophyll to build more sugar. We’ve seen 25% higher brix (sugar and dissolved solids) in mature cane, along with more harvest tonnage with CarbonGrow.

The huge leaf area of crops like sugarcane, tobacco and perennial peanuts offer great “leverage” for CarbonGrow to multiply sugar formation I leaves.

You also get other crop benefits when CarbonGrow improves sugar formation and plant vigor.



Higher sugar levels make sugarcane less attractive to pests like the cane grub and sugarcane borer. Insects are nature’s cleanup crews: They are especially attracted to low-sugar, stressed plants. But when an insect chews into a plant with high levels of sugar, it ferments into alcohol in the insect’s digestive system. Bugs instinctively leave high-brix, healthy crops alone.


Higher transfer rates of nutrients through the crop stimulate faster, deeper root growth. A third to half of the sugars and amino acids transferred to roots are exuded into the soil. This fuels healthy soil mycorrhiza which act like extensions of root hairs. Healthier, deeper roots sponge up more water from the soil profile, allowing sugarcane to keep growing through dry spells typically encountered it Florida. Root exudates also energize and multiply beneficial bacteria, which are essential for converting soil nutrients into forms which your crop can metabolize.


With healthier sugarcane fields, growers using CarbonGrow report that they can reduce fungicides and insecticides. Freshly planted cuttings of cane or any crop, are prime targets for fungus infestation. For example, the survival rate of ornamental cuttings in Florida is often only 35% to 50%. However, ornamental cuttings dipped and cleansed with CarbonGrow typically survive and grow at a 90% to 95% rate. We’re interested in working with sugarcane growers to measure how effective CarbonGrow is in protecting the early health of newly planted sugarcane.


Cane growers using CarbonGrow enjoy shorter growing seasons, typically harvesting in 11 months as opposed to 12 or longer. We’ve also seen Florida sweet.